The Magnolia Preschool offers a fun, inspiring, and safe place for children to learn the foundations for Kindergarten and a lifetime faith journey.

Our Story

The beginnings of The Magnolia Preschool took place over 40 years ago when the William E. Alexander Infant Child Care Center, now known as The Magnolia Preschool of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, grew out of a desire to provide full-day, year-round, trustworthy infant and child care at an affordable cost for families. 

The Magnolia Preschool operates under the guidance and leadership of the church, and is excitedly and unapologetically a Christian setting.



Each age group follows a classroom guide, seeking to balance child-selected and teacher-directed engagement. Age-appropriate knowledge is gained through the basics of Thematic content and Learning Station activities. The program is enhanced for all ages with the Creative Curriculum® series. Preschool and pre-kindergarten include ABEKA Phonics and Singapore Math. We nurture each child, providing opportunities for them to grow from secure infants into confident and inquisitive learners. 

A specifically-created Scope and Sequence Chart guides the plans for the day, week, month and year. This chart is a changeable document pulling the educational desires of well-known programs and State of Florida benchmarks. 

Parents and staff communicate the children’s successes regularly with daily/weekly reports or feedback for younger children. Lesson plans, letters home, and password-protected Shutterfly accounts keep families aware of daily activities. Parent/teacher meetings take place twice yearly for preschool and pre-kindergarten, where cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth is discussed.

Above everything, we wish for our children to know Jesus.
Once a week the children attend an interactive Chapel program. Prayers, blessings and Bible stories are shared throughout the week. Our desire is they learn these three truths:  

  • God made me, 
  • God loves me, and 
  • God, through the gift of Jesus Christ, wants to be in my life forever.

Chapel also provides opportunities for children to learn and experience the basics of memorization, public speaking, character development and even dramatic performance in an audience setting.

We believe every child is a gift from God. We are blessed to spend the days surrounded by their presence and it is a privilege to guide their development. 


Leslie Morrison, Director

Laurie Pritchard, Assistant Director

Pam Finne